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Good Riddance Comeback! Festivals in Europa bestätigt!

Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012  | 16:02 Uhr  | 

Von: Lars

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Good Riddance are fucking back!

Good Riddance, die legendären California-Hardcore/Melodycore-Helden feiern Ihr Comeback. 1234 sagt: Hurra! Und unten die offizielle Mitteilung von Good Riddance. Zu sehen sind sie unter anderem auf dem Groezrock Festival, Belgien. Wir sind am Start!

Erklärung Good Riddance:

In May 2007 Good Riddance played their final show, fittingly in their hometown of Santa Cruz. The members then went their separate ways to raise families and pursue careers. Though there have been numerous offers to reform and play in the five years since, the band has turned them all down.

In 2012 the members of Good Riddance decided to get together and play a few shows again. The reason was simple: they missed the songs. The group has no immediate plans for any further releases at this point but is looking forward to reuniting on stage and celebrating the memorable material they have longed to play and which their loyal fans have been waiting to hear once again.

"We look forward to reconnecting with so many of you who made our journey possible as well as perhaps introducing ourselves to an entirely new audience of people who may have heard our records but never saw us play. Good Riddance has always been more than a band. We will also be focusing heavily on promoting and advocating for groups and organizations we support which we believe are key in creating a more just and caring world. We will appreciate any support our fans can offer these groups as we endeavor to stretch our music and it’s power beyond the milieu of simple entertainment. We look forward to seeing you at a show soon."


Chuck Platt
Luke Pabich
Russ Rankin
Sean Sellers

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