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"Joey Cape" im Interview

Vom Punkrock zu Songwriter-Perlen auf der Western-Gitarre.

Das Interview mit "Joey Cape" gibt es hier!


Hi Geezers - What´s up? May you introduce yourself briefly please.

My name is Andy and I the lead singer and bassist in Buck Brothers.

Looking forward to rock Germany?

Buck Brothers are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY looking forward to rock Germany! We've played in Germany before but this will be our first tour there. Can't wait!

A tour without real english Ale - is that possible?

It's possible. But, having to return home to Britain after our German tour with limited access to your fantastic German lagers..........that will be IMPOSSIBLE!

What about this toilet thing (PR fotos), intense preparation for tour?

It was due to having an intensely spicy meal the night before our photo session.

"We are merely filters" - something to say about your new album?

The phrase originally came about during our first tour of the USA where we found ourselves on a grueling yet highly enjoyable 6 week conveyor belt of Sleeping/Travelling/Eating/Evacuating/Playing/Drinking/Sleeping/Travelling/Playing etc. Being in a "tour bubble" for a prolonged period is a strange and wonderful existence but it IS unreal. From city to city and coast to coast - it felt like we were slipping through the margins of society and only existing to sleep, consume, evacuate and play. In short, we felt like we were merely filters who were taking in brief glimpses of reality during our limited interaction with the "real" world outside the touring bubble. Our new CD contains a lot of themes concerning how humans are increasingly becoming slaves to the media. And how millions of seemingly "deeply shallow" people have acute addictions to Reality Shows, Games Culture, Social Networking Websites and Gossip. With these topics in mind, "We Are Merely Filters" seemed a fitting title. It's a great equaliser. As is the CD's artwork depicting toilets. Writing on these themes from the perspective of the first person means that some reviewers wrongly assume, particularly with the fun nature of the band, that the three of us are just exploring banality. This is not the case. We're fascinated by mankind's addiction to banality. And we're not ashamed to admit that we sometimes like a bit of toilet humour too! :0)

"She`s not wearing any" - what´s that song about?

It's about admiring someone from a distance. And then revealing this secret love. And then discovering the girl in question is in fact quite "dirty". And the dichotomy of strange emotions that such a combination elicits.

Are full-time-employee punkrockers or do you have any other things to do in real life (to pay the toilet bills)?

Music is our real life.

What kind of music do you actually listen to in your tourbus right now (do you even have a tourbus?)

We tour in what we affectionately call the "Buckmobile". And we play loads of strange and wonderful things while travelling around the globe. Our playlist is actually very similar to the stuff you spin at Radio Tide 1234. We've got similar taste. That's why we like you. And your station. Come on tour with us!

Are you more influenced by - english band or US ones?

That's a difficult question as there are so many brilliant bands from both countries. A bit of both. I feel we sound quite English but there are influences from both sides of the pond.

whatever, what is your favorite UK band (ours is Feeder, ha ha!)

There's a brilliant new band from London that we recently played with called Fighting Wolves. They'll be gracing your station's airwaves very, very soon.

Happy about the wedding of Prince William and Kate?

My invitation arrived in the post yesterday. I plan on wearing purple. In all seriousness, I think we're actually playing somewhere outside of the UK that day. I wish them the very best.

What can people expect seeing you live in Germany?

Fast Paced Fun. Energy.  Great tunes. And sweat.

Something else to add? Heres your chance to get REALLY big in Germany?

Thanks a million to Radio Tide 1234 for spinning Buck Brothers. Your support means the world to us and we think it's absolutely awesome that you guys are supporting new music. We love Germany and proudly consider your country to be our home away from home. Our new CD, called We Are Merely Filters, is out now and available in all good German music shops and from any place you can buy music digitally from. And, last but not least, we're really, really, really looking forward to seeing your listeners at our show in Hamburg at the Silber on the 3rd of March.