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"Joey Cape" im Interview

Vom Punkrock zu Songwriter-Perlen auf der Western-Gitarre.

Das Interview mit "Joey Cape" gibt es hier!


Hi Geezers! We are a German based punkrock website and radio show. Thanks for the interview! May you introduce yourself shortly please?

I am Neil , lead singer and guitarist

May we call you geezers even though you are a Welsh Rock Band ...

Of course you can sir!

Attack! Attack! Why did you choose this name?

We loved the way the name fitted with the sound we were making , it has energy and passion just like our music

Have you aver been confused with the Band "Attack Attack!"? (I mean, they are quite different ;-) I saw some discussions on Youtube, I think it's confusing for a lot of people. Ever had someone showing up at your concert complaining non hearing those Electro / Metal stuff? 

haha , yeah a couple of times it has happened , i guess people could confuse it but we do look and sound VERY different

Some of our readers are going crazy seeing you in Germany... what is your idea about rocking fucking Germany?

We love it out there. Everytime we have played in the past the fans have been crazy in a good way , rocking out , circle pitting , jumping round . It's great for us to see that at the shows!

Any special experiences?

We had a human pyramid once in Germany , it's never been done since at an Attack! Attack! show , it was 3 persons high and looked insane! 

Who had the idea for your new video "Blood on your hands"?

We were approached by the video director with the idea and we really liked it , even though it did mean standing in a frozen lake in the middle of winter :/

Talking bout that song - how much has it been influenced by the Foo Fighters. The voice and arrangement  are quite similar - no offense (do not stop the interview right now, ha ha)! Great song! :-)  

Well to be honest we are massive foo fighters fans so we take that as a big compliment. They are a big influence on our sound

Which songs are you currently listening to on tour?

White limo foo fighters new track , pearl jam , Lit (old but a classic!)

Different songs while staying at home?

yeah i tend to listen to alot of the beatles / stevie wonder / prince , loads of varied stuff whilst at home but on the road you need music to get you pumped!

With whom would you like to be on stage once?

Pearl Jam , Eddie Vedder , it's a dream of mine to sing the song indifference with them one day

What we are always asking: Choose a rockstar you could get drunk with once - who would it be?

Dave Grohl for sure, he looks like an awesome dude to hang out with and he would have so many amazing stories

Have you ever played your own song "You and me" on Guitar Hero? If so, strange experience?

yes and yes haha . I never got 100% though, 99% on expert was the closet i got . It is kind of surreal being on a game of that stature! 

Here's your chance to add anything you want to get reaaly, really, really big in Germany:

All i wanna say is we hope the German fans keep supporting us and keep rocking out with us when we tour . See you in March and April!